Best Craft Beers

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the last few years, the popularity of craft beers won’t have escaped you. Adventurous flavours and creative brewers have been responsible for making people excited about beer again, and for the subsequent rise in demand for craft beer.


So, just what are the best craft beers out there and who are the companies behind them?


Innis and Gun


Scottish company Innis and Gun are a major player in the craft beer industry. In 2002, the brand was born from a happy accident involving beer being matured in bourbon barrels. The result was delicious and it spurred them on to create more flavours and combinations. Today they have a wide range of lagers, barrel aged beers and IPAs and their award-winning Lager Beer has become the fastest growing lager in Scotland. A must try!




Brewdog is another Scottish company, founded by two friends who were bored of the limited choice of lagers and beers that dominated the UK market. In 2007, they decided to do something about it and Brewdog was born. Today, they have more than 40 bars, 70,000 shareholders, 1000 employees and have brewed more than three hundred thousand bottles of beer.


Punk IPA was their first foray into the craft beer world and it is layered with new world hops and a fruity flavour – with elements of grapefruit, pineapple and lychee. There are a wide range of other flavours and types available and they all contain absolutely no preservatives or chemicals.


Portobello Brewing Co


Portobello Brewing Co brew all of their beers in the trendy area of the same name in London and say that they create ‘beer brewed by drinkers, for drinkers’. They brew a wide range of craft beers all year round, including London Pilsner Craft Lager, Stiff Lip IPA, Star Amber Craft Ale and more. They also brew a range of beers seasonally, creating different flavours to suit different seasons and events.


Their London Pilsner is an excellent craft beer with crisp, refreshing flavours that’ll leave you wanting more.


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