Why We Sell Craft Drinks


Craft drinks have become incredibly popular in the last few years and we are big fans of exciting craft flavours and mixes. Here at Kol, we love offering craft drinks to our customers, but why are we so passionate about discovering craft drinks from independent producers and offering these to our customers?


Unique Drinks


We love to offer unique and exciting drinks on Kol, that you won’t find in many other places. This means you can discover new and interesting drinks that are a little different to the norm. We aim to let our customers enjoy amazing wines, beers and spirits from fantastic local producers whom you might otherwise not have discovered.


It also means you can pick something a little different if you’re heading to or hosting a party. Everyone will be impressed with the offer of something different from the norm and you get to look like an expert at sourcing amazing drinks!


Working with Small Distillers


Kol love to support small, independent businesses as well as the larger companies too. By supporting smaller distillers, we’re allowing them to grow their companies, be creative and do what they do best – create delicious craft drinks. As a small company ourselves, we’re keen to support and promote other small businesses and ensure they can survive and thrive.


We work hard and take our time in order to discover small distillers that are producing high-quality craft drinks to sell on Kol. We travel across Europe and further afield so that we can find the very best drinks, whether that’s a craft beer from Scotland or a gin from Brighton, or something from further afield.


We Work Directly with Producers


As a small company, Kol love working with other small companies and this means we’re able to work directly with the producers of the craft drinks. This means we don’t have a need for an intermediary and the expense that comes with it, and can negotiate directly with the producers to offer unique drinks at excellent, competitive prices.


Why not check out our wide range of craft drinks available and discover just how good they are for yourself?

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