Who are Kol?

What is Kol?

Kol stands for the very first deconstructed wine and spirits company, delivering a wide range of amazing wines, beers and spirits in just 30 minutes, day or night and all at the optimal serving temperature. Their mission is to reduce intermediaries and negotiate directly with providers to provide competitive prices and let customers enjoy drinks from the best loved local producers, recognised brands and new discoveries.

Who are the people behind Kol and how did Kol begin?

The founders of Kol are three French friends, Martin, Pierre and Baptiste, who all grew up in Paris together. Inspired by their collective love of wine and having spent a lot of time visitingthe world-famous wine regions of Bordeaux and Burgundy, where they cultivated their knowledge of wine and oenology (the science and study of wine and winemaking), Kol was born. It is an independent business run by the founders, without any ties to larger distribution companies, enabling them to have complete control over the quality of drinks on offer to their customers. It’s safe to say they’re true wine lovers and connoisseurs with a passion and flair for great drinks.

Why Kol?

Unlike a lot of their competitors, Kol made the decision to enhance the customer experience by internalising stocks and storing all of their products, this means Kol is in complete control of the offering process and delivery chain. The main aim at Kol is to provide high-quality drinks at reasonable prices. For this reason, our founders undertake regular tastings of the products on offer to ensure the very best drinks for their customers. They are always adding new wines, beers and spirits to Kol’s offering, so that even the pickiest customer will be sure to find something they love.

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