The Best Times to Use Kol


If you think Kol’s alcohol delivery service sounds like a pretty cool offering, but aren’t sure when you could actually use it, we’re here with some ideas of times when using Kol is best…


For Dinner Parties and Date Nights


If you’re busy searching for the perfect wines to pair with food for an upcoming dinner party, or just a romantic dinner for two, Kol is the place to go.


With a wide and varied selection range of red, wine and rose wines, you’ll be spoiled for choice. Kol also offer a huge selection of wines from small, independent retailers, so you’ll be able to pick up something a little different to impress your guests or loved one. We strive to always offer something a little different from the norm, always at competitive prices.


For parties and events


If you’re hosting a party or event, order from Kol and our delivery service will bring the drinks right to you, saving you time and hassle of locating the drinks and getting them from store to your party location. Perfect! Then you can concentrate on the most important thing – having fun!


For Late Night Parties


The clock has just struck midnight, the party is in full flow but you’re quickly running out of drinks…Kol to the rescue! Our delivery ninjas deliver drinks in and around London within just 30 minutes at the perfect temperature ready for you and your guests to enjoy.


We’re open until 1am on week days and 5am at the weekends, so we’re always there when you need us. And, if you need tobacco for your late-night party, we deliver that too!


For Summer Picnics


Wandered down to Hyde Park on a sunny day for a picnic but forgot the wine or fizz? That’s where Kol come in. Kol’s expert delivery ninjas can deliver wine, beer or spirits to you within 30 minutes, pre-chilled and ready to drink – no need for an ice bucket. Cheers!


Why not take a look at our wide range of wines, beers and spirits and see when you could next use Kol for your drinks delivery needs?



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