Monkey 47

Monkey 47 is a rather bold gin – bold in its taste, bold in its look and bold in what it claims to do. This is a gin that is punchy enough to be memorable, but the flavours aren’t too overpowering to be used within cocktails, making it completely versatile. Ideal!


Monkey 47 claims to ‘have the power to unite great British traditions, the exoticness of India and the nativeness of the Black Forest’ – an audacious claim, but somehow, it’s spot on. The gin was originally thought up by Montgomery Collins, who took influences from his roots in Great Britian, his childhood spent growing up in East Asia and his subsequent military career in Berlin and life in Germany thereafter.


47 handpicked ingredients (giving the number 47 to the name of the product!) for Monkey 47 come from the Black Forest, a mountainous region in southwest Germany known for beautiful, dense forests covered with flora and fauna. This is where Collins spent much of his life and fell in love with the area. He loved the nature there so much he wanted to use the multitude of flavours within his gin.


This special gin serves as the perfect starting point for both classic and more adventurous cocktails. It contains the ubiquitous scent of juniper, some crisp citrus notes, a surprising, sweet, fine floral hit and a hint of peppery spices, which deliver a hard-hitting finish. The secret, and somewhat surprising, ingredient is cranberries. This is a complex and interesting gin to taste, making it wonderful for drinking neat or simply with tonic in order to enjoy all of the different flavours.


Whilst Monkey 47 tastes incredible, it also looks good too. The apothecary style packaging and stamp-style label is retro, quirky and eye-catching. A bottle of Monkey 47 gin would certainly make a welcome addition to any bar cart or bar display in your home (that’s if you and your friends don’t drink it all first, of course!).


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