How We Select Our Wines  


Here at Kol, we’re immensely proud to offer a wide range of wines for delivery to our customers. Each of our wines are carefully selected by a team of experts and are changed regularly to ensure a good variety for our clients. But just how do we select the wines that can be found on our website?


Kol’s founders Martin, Pierre and Baptiste are French (and everyone knows France has some of the best wines in the world!). They have all grown up learning about wine and oenology –  oenology is the science and study of wine and winemaking – and this means they know a really great wine when they taste it. As wine lovers themselves, they’re incredibly passionate about ensuring they only offer the greatest selection of wines to the trusted clients of Kol.


As well as our founders, we have an expert team of wine tasters who travel constantly within Europe and use a trusted intermediary in the USA, Australia and further afield. These tasters travel far and wide visiting different suppliers and producers in order to find high-quality wines at reasonable prices to sell to our clients.


Once every week, the Kol team hold a private wine tasting. During this, they sample all of the new wines (new varieties are added every single month) and they also sample the beer and spirits too. This is to ensure quality and taste, so that customers of Kol only get the most delicious wines delivered to them.


We also take care to monitor which wines are most popular with our customers, as this is the most important factor. The wines that are most well-liked with customers define which wines we will purchase again to offer in the future, and those that are less popular with our customers will be changed and new offerings will appear. We strive to offer an original and varied selection of wines at competitive prices.


Why not check out our wide selection of the best wines from around the globe and have them delivered at the perfect drinking temperature within just 30 minute

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